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Why do we have to put the machines to do what is ours? We cannot manufacture what we need and thus do it in a more
ephemeral way, nothing that is nailed in a permanent place such as bubblers or mills. We are millions and what is going to be left over are humans ... use them as an energy engine. Energy concentration fields. Energy Slaves? Or utopia of living? Fields where you live from the creation of energy in relation to sport? A job where you only have to make energy to live. Rural places. Urban places ?? Always the machines doing our job. Then producing our energy would change the way we consume it. Produce energy in an ephemeral way. Are we ephemeral ?? Well, do it in intangible places. Move it. Do not anchor it. Phalansteries ??? Is it anchor it ?? Human fields.


Living in the suburbs of the future cities. cities goes up to the sky and smog goes down to the ground, Increasing without stoping. the low part of cities are dark and full of air contaminant. Smoggers are the habitants of the ground cities. use filters for living in this low part of metropolis for providingg better air for their lungs. They use to live in abandoned house/ apartments. The government provides liquid food so they can eat through his filter. this food is made with special ingredients to improve their vision on this dark environment. Use to be smashed carrots, kale, blue fish and citrics.

The human panel project come up with different wearable pieces that make up a complete human outfit. Each of this pieces are acustic panels capables of absorbing sound. Human panels speculates on a future that humans start to face up with noise pollution, one of the main environmental problems of the moment in big cities. In this way humans are the ones in charge of absorbing and reducing noise pollution. Not only reduces noise pollution but also protect the body from

threatening noise vibrations.

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